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1 Sep

SnackChat II: Idea Validation and Design in business

The second SnackChat of Monsoon semester 2017 was a roaring success. The team from LeanTrack visited the campus to host a captivating session on  Idea validation and Design and its direct connection growth of the business. LeanTrack is a strong community supporting student startups by providing them with industry level support and mentor them to grow. Their insight in the world of startups and consumer satisfaction was fascinating and the audience, who was not well versed with the behind-the-scenes working of a startup, left the room much more interested in the world of entrepreneurship.



23 Aug

SnackChat v2.1

Who says work and fun don’t go together? The SnackChat organised by ECell IIITD is a perfect blend of the two. Discussing startup idea while munching on samosas. It can’t really get better than that!

The SnackChat organised by ECell is an event where ambitious students pitch their startup idea to their peers while they munch on delicious treats. The most recent SnackChat was held on 16th August at its incubation center.

The purpose of such an event is to help the youth with fresh ideas to discuss them with people they’re comfortable with.This helps them gain valuable feedback and improvise their ideas accordingly for better performance. Hearing someone else’s perspective on your idea can be very refreshing and it can provide incentives one may not have originally thought of oneself. It is a wonderful way of bonding with the peers while simultaneously growing one’s idea for better outcomes.

First SnackChat for Freshers ’17

It was a very exciting day since it was the first SnackChat for the freshers of 2017 and a lot of them who weren’t even a part of ECell attended purely for the experience and the exposure

A number of students came up in the spotlight, some in groups and others individually, to share their ideas with the rest of the crowd and gain  insightful feedback. It was a very intellectual conversation when the seniors of ECell along with the new members gave their opinions on how the idea can be improved and made more useful for the users of the product/service proposed.

One of the main ideas proposed was that of an extended link on backpack, the official app used at IIITD for academic purposes. It would allow an interactive forum between seniors who want to sell their old books and juniors who want to purchase books for the new semester at a lower cost. This idea was much debated on, with some people saying that more students are now leaning towards ebooks while others supported the proposal saying this initiative would really help students financially. The students who had proposed the idea took note of all the suggestions and wrote it all down for future improvements.

As the event went on samosas and beverages were passed around the room which re-energized the audience and the discussion became more active and engaged. More ideas were discussed, more suggestions were given and all in all the event became a huge success.

The SnackChat was a wonderful way of introducing the students to the workings of ECell and inform them about the kind of support and suggestion they provide to new ideas. It was a great event and left the newer students in ECell anticipating for more.