An Immersive Day at ECell IIITD

12 Aug

An Immersive Day at ECell IIITD

How many of us have had potentially revolutionizing ideas but not known how to develop them? We all have that one long lost dream of a product, a service, or any idea that we feel can bring about a positive change in the society. However, what most of us lack are the requisite resources, the external agents that transition one idea to a successful business and sometimes, sustained motivation to make it happen. No worries, help is just right the corner – ECell IIITD is the one stop shop for the workings of a successful entrepreneurship!

ECell is a group of hard working students dedicated to the cause of promoting the trend of start-ups at the collegiate level. A team of people who are encouraging young students to nurture an idea towards success. In today’s corporate world, where 9-to-5 employee jobs have become the popular trend, entrepreneurship is slowly being left behind. In such a scenario, it is extremely heart-warming to see a group of people who have come together to bring back the motivation in entrepreneurship, enthuse students and provide them support to develop into budding entrepreneurs.

An introduction to Entrepreneurship:

The introductory session organized by ECell provided valuable insight into the workings of a start-up for the Batch of 2017. The session was hosted by Ashutosh Kumar, Ashutosh Nandan, Manish Kumar, Sahil Yadav, Sneha Sinha, Robin Singh, and Twishi Sagwal.

It started with a brief description of what being a member of ECell entails. ECell IIITD not only helps the students make a smooth transition from an Ideator to an Entrepreneur, it also contributes greatly to the overall personality development of its members. Any start-up needs to work like a well-oiled machine. Each member has a vital role to play in the process. Being in such an environment and observing even the smallest of the efforts, which make a business successful, is valuable knowledge and the experience gained really shapes up the growth of an individual.

As the session continued, it was evident that the audience was becoming more and more interested in the club. When the upcoming events such as Movie night and Snack Chat were discussed, a slight murmur in the audience subtly expressed the excitation of the students who could now visualise themselves being a part of this thrilling journey.

ECell also provides its members with the opportunity to visit any ECell and Incubation Centre across India and meet start-up founders and industry leaders. For anyone interested in entrepreneurship this kind of exposure is extremely enriching.

More about ECell:

The events organised in the past year by ECell speak volumes of the kind of effort and dedication displayed by its members. Events like Start-up Internship Fair and Bootcamp require a lot of effort and organisation and this level of dedication is only possible if one is passionate about the work they do. This passion was clearly visible in the hosts of the evening and as the session progressed, it was established that the same levels of effort and passion would be expected of the aspirants too. But of course, because nothing in life is all about fun and games!

One of the most interesting and the seat of ‘deep learning’ of ECell is its Incubation Center. An idea that once just started as a room in the Student Center has grown so much in the past couple of years that it is now getting an entire floor in the new Academic Block at IIITD! This alone is the testament of the efforts that the students have put in to make the Club and the Incubation Center what it is today. The Incubation Center is the workplace of ECell, the ‘heart’ of this initiative. It provides mentorship and the required support to start-ups. Needless to say, the advice and help of the seniors who have launched startups of their own are indispensable for the new and relatively unaware members. The Incubation Center is the haven of ECell and they is a huge success contributor towards kindling the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst its members.

The learning continues…

The next part of the session was probably the one everyone was looking forward to with eager anticipation. The audience had heard a lot about the start-ups at ECell, and now was the time to find out more about them. The seniors gave an in depth introduction to some of their start-ups, and the audience was mightily impressed. Be it, a website dedicated to online ticketing for college festivals,, an online entertainment blog that allows users to interact via a social blogging platform, or studentgiri, which is an online portal for students, each startup was built around an extremely innovative idea and an even more hard working team behind it. The passion and pride was so evident in the voices of minds behind these initiatives, that everyone was caught beaming, revelling in their joy together with them.

Towards the end, the Innovation Ideathon was introduced. This is a creative event that encourages young minds to rack their brains and think of ideas pertaining to certain themes that can bring about a change to social issues. The students were motivated to participate and spread the word.

The session ended with food and beverages at the Incubation Center, giving the aspirants an idea what is behind the making of an entrepreneur and how being a member of ECell IIITD lead one to discover their entrepreneurial passion.

In Summary

The session was greatly insightful and encouraged a lot of students to seriously give entrepreneurship a thought. Most of the aspirants set their foot out of the room while thinking of an idea that can possibly be the next breakthrough. The session inspired a lot of young minds and will surely encourage students to join ECell and explore not only a different perspective to the world but also another aspect of themselves.


  1. Looks like a beautiful society and an amazing step taken by the students to impart the skill and ambition of entrepreneurship in the minds of budding adults.
    An amazingly drafted article.
    It was a pleasure to read this. Keep up the good work, cheers! :).

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