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Startup Fair

Startup fair is an Initiative by IIIT-Delhi to connect the startups with the talent they are looking for.


An event where we will discuss the latest buzz and news in the world of entrepreneurship over snacks.

Innovate Delhi

A 6-week long annual bootcamp program by IIIT-Delhi. It is a model for funding early stage startups where we are inviting angel investors and venture capitalists to invest in 10 selected startups.

Social Initiatives

A community of student, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better more sustainable world.

B-Plan Competition

It provides a platform for potential ideas and early stage startups to evaluate their plan in the risk-free environment of a competition.

O(1) Hack

Go Big with from your potential Idea to a startup. A two days event where we build a startup from Idea to USP


ECell, IIIT-Delhi

The Entrepreneurship cell of IIIT-Delhi is a group consisting of the students of IIIT-Delhi committed to fostering the entrepreneurial spirit among the students. It gives a platform in terms of seed-funding, incubation, mentoring, training, knowledge dissemination and best practice research to convert path breaking business ideas into self-sustaining business ventures.

The Entrepreneurship cell of IIIT-Delhi is passionately committed to promote entrepreneurial spirit among each and every individual of this nation.

Startups at IIITD

Team Members

Hemant Kumar

Faculty Coordinator

Chetan Arora

Faculty Coordinator

Alok Nikhil

Incubation Head

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